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A/B Testing
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A/B testing made easy and powerful

The time when agencies and companies changed their websites based on gut feeling and best practices is gone. The time of data-driven iterative change is here.

A/B testing ( also called A/B/n testing or Split testing ) is synonymous with modern web development. In a simple A/B test, two sets of similar viewers are sent to two different versions of a page, an "A" version and a "B" version.
The A and B versions may be totally different, or may differ only in key areas; for example, the headline, image or call to action.

The goal of an A/B test is to determine which version performs best. Metrics that may be evaluated include email opt-ins, link clicks, bounce rate, or purchases.

An A/B test is conducted using SiteGainer that evaluates page performance. You need to do 4 things to run an A/B test:

Create the "A" and "B" variations. Create variations of your website using our world leading drag n drop editor, or hard code your changes in Javascript and CSS.

Setup the test. Define which visitors should experience the test and which URLs that will be included.

Track on-page analytics. SiteGainer tracks the actions users take on your site; for example, which links they click, how long they stay on the site, which url's they visit, how many of them opt-in to an email form, etc.

Analyze the results. Once you have the data on how the "A" and "B" variants performed, you analyze the result and determine which variation should be implemented permanently.

Why A/B test?

  • Learn what works for your visitors
  • Constantly increase conversion rate
  • Increase revenue per visitor
  • Get more recurring customers
  • Work data driven and iterative
  • Settle internal arguments
  • Get instant insights on ideas

What can you A/B test?

  • USP lists
  • Headlines
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Buttons
  • Call to actions
  • Contact details
  • Shipping details
  • Picture sizes
  • Countdowns
  • Animations
  • Functionality
  • Pricing
  • Hover effects
  • Banners
  • Sticky / non sticky
  • Steps in checkout
  • Header content
  • Recommendations
  • Above the fold content
  • Fly to cart
  • Testimonials
  • Copy
  • Clarity
  • Trust
  • Branding
  • Payment methods
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile layout
  • Images
  • Design
  • Text size
  • And lots more!
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Statistics / Funnels

Track and A/B test anything you create in SiteGainer! With our one-tail statistics calculation you get fast and accurate statistics that is easy to use to make informed decisions about which variation should be implemented!

+ A team of experts to assist you!

What really sets us appart is our experience. We have sucessfully launched over 2000 A/B tests for clients world wide and we can assist you with test ideas, design, programming, analytics, and personalization!