How to track visitors cross domains

How to set it up

Go to websites -> edit website and enter the domain you want your primary domain to link to. Notice that you must add the script to both domains. This feature is only for tracking, and testing different variations on domain B.

How it works

When cross domain is activated from edit website we send a information to our server about the visitor. The key is the fingerprint combined with ip adress (anonymized) which is saved for 24 hours. When the visitor goes to the second domain which should also have the same script tag we ask our server for a match which returns visitor ID and variation ID for each project within that website ID that has been visited for the last 24 hours.



Sources for fingerprint identification:

  1. UserAgent
  2. Language
  3. Color Depth
  4. Screen Resolution
  5. Timezone
  6. Has session storage or not
  7. Has local storage or not
  8. Has indexed DB
  9. Has IE specific ‘AddBehavior’
  10. Has open DB
  11. CPU class
  12. Platform
  13. DoNotTrack or not
  14. Full list of installed fonts (maintaining their order, which increases the entropy), implemented with Flash.
  15. A list of installed fonts, detected with JS/CSS (side-channel technique) – can detect up to 500 installed fonts without flash
  16. Canvas fingerprinting
  17. WebGL fingerprinting
  18. Plugins (IE included)
  19. Is AdBlock installed or not
  20. Has the user tampered with its languages 1
  21. Has the user tampered with its screen resolution 1
  22. Has the user tampered with its OS 1
  23. Has the user tampered with its browser 1
  24. Touch screen detection and capabilities
  25. Pixel Ratio