How to use standardized custom goals

SiteGainer offers standardised custom goals for general measuring points. Using these you don’t have to create any goals in SiteGainer. They will be created automatically. And just as mentioned above, please use these in intervals, typeof check or as onclick events to avoid errors.

Of course it’s up to you or your developer to add these snippets on the right place in your website so that it tracks the right visitor behavior / action.

sitegainer.pushGoal("order"); // Track visitors that put an order
sitegainer.pushGoal("checkout"); // Track visitors who went to checkout
sitegainer.pushGoal("addtocart"); // Track visitors that added an item to cart
sitegainer.pushGoal("cartpage"); // Track visitors that went to cart page if different than checkoutpage
sitegainer.pushGoal("productpage"); // Track visitors that went to product page
sitegainer.pushGoal("product-listing"); // Track visitors that went to the product listing
sitegainer.pushGoal("homepage"); // Track visitors that went to the home page
sitegainer.pushGoal("searchpage"); // Track visitors that went to the search page
sitegainer.pushGoal("contactpage"); // Track visitors that went to the contact page
sitegainer.pushGoal("searched"); // Track visitors that used search
sitegainer.pushGoal("loggedin"); // Track visitors logged in to your website

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