Upload image to project

Follow the steps below to upload an image from your computer to your project;

1. Click on the element where you want to add this image
2. Choose ”Insert Content”
3. Click on ”Image”
4. Then choose where you want to add this image. Now you will get a placeholder for the image.
5. Click this placeholder
6. Click ”Edit Content”
7. Click Image
8. Click ”Browse” and locate your image on your hard drive.

Now your image should have been added to your project.

If you want the url for this image you can follow these steps;
9. Click on ”Show Code”
10. Make sure you are in the javascript / jQuery tab
11. Locate the image url. The code for this can be found last in the code. You can now copy this and use it anywhere.

Upload image - step 1

Upload image - step 2

Upload image - step 3

Upload image - step 4