Why does it take some time before my save is available in preview mode?

When you are working in the website editor and make changes to your website, those changes are saved to our server and fetched right back in real time. Although this may seem fast it’s not fast enough for production environment ( you live visitors ). Therefore when you click save we update a static file and upload it to a CDN ( Cloudfront ) . It takes about 5 seconds up to 1 minute for the CDN to update the file. This makes sure that your visitors get’s a flawless experience in your SiteGainer experiments.

When you are in preview mode we want to to get a perfect representation of how real visitors will experience your A/B test. That’s why we use the real static file in preview mode, and that’s also why it takes a moment before you can see it when previewing your changes.

Open developer console and check ”disable cache” for faster release of cache: