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Andreas Eriksson
Global Conversion Manager
Pierce Ecom

"SiteGainer was an easy pick..."

"We needed a testing-solution that was both user-friendly and able to handle our +40 sites divided on 16 European markets. SiteGainer was an easy pick compared to other A/B testing platforms out there such as Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer!"

David Mannheim
User Conversion

"We’ve found SiteGainer to be an invaluable tool at User Conversion..."

"We’ve found SiteGainer to be an invaluable tool at User Conversion, allowing our partners to create everything from quick and easy tests, to more advanced A/B tests focussing on bigger design led pieces, and full site proposition testing. " Read more

Knut Sörli
Product Manager EU

"SiteGainer is a great tool..."

SiteGainer is a great tool for sites who depend on A/B testing to learn how to improve their products. If you as I work in an online organisation where you want to experiment and also need to prioritize how to spend development resources their support offering where they help you set up the experiments you want is great.

Rasmus Christensen
Analytics & Conversion Account Manager

"SiteGainer is simply the best in the industry"

"We needed a scalable conversion rate optimization tool which came with a close relation to the developers in terms of new integrations and features to fit the needs of our clients. SiteGainer was the perfect choice for us, and they’re simply the best in the industry.. " Read more

"SiteGainer is quite easy to set up and use, and creating everything from simple A/B-tests to surveys, popups, and more is very intuitive."

Included in all plans:

Statistics / Funnels

Track and A/B test anything you create in SiteGainer! With our one-tail statistics calculation you get fast and accurate statistics that is easy to use to make informed decisions about which variation should be implemented!

+ A team of experts to assist you!

What really sets us appart is our experience. We have sucessfully launched over 2000 A/B tests for clients world wide and we can assist you with test ideas, design, programming, analytics, and personalization!

Always in SiteGainer

Unlimited A/B tests

Create unlimited A/B tests and customizations for any website in our complete webeditor!

Unlimited Websites

Each one of your websites get a unique script for fast loading A/B tests, and you can have unlimited websites

Unlimited Popups / Banners

With our one of a kind A/B test editor for making popups your can make unlimited popups!

Complex personalization

Change your website in minutes without touching your sourcecode, and target the changes to the right audience!

Easy to use interface

Whether you are making a popup, an A/B test or a banner you will feel right at home, everything works the same!

No coding required

With our A/B test website editors there is no requirement to code!

CSS / jQuery separation

Easily create A/B test variations in pure css or jquery for easy implementation!

Fast script technology

With our unique script algorithm we make your A/B test run long before the page is loaded!

Heatmaps for everything

With mousemove and click heatmaps you can directly see how your A/B test or banners are performing!

Retroactive goals

Add your goals at any time, we got your back! Works for all page goals you want to measure!

Content Targeting & Goals

Want to target or measure content not in the url string, but on the site? No problems!

Only one script

One script: Unlimited A/B tests, customizations, banners and popups.