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Frequently asked questions
How will my page load time be affected by SiteGainer? We load your script through a our lightening fast Amazon servers which means that the script is loaded on a server near the user and that is cached. That means that the first load of the script will be approximately 100ms and the second and third about 10-30ms. The script loads asyncronosly so the loading time will not be affecting the visitor. How can I cancel the plan? The plan will run for the period you have paid for, and continue automatically. If you want to cancel, simply do so and the period you have paid for will continue, and there will be no more withdraws from your account and your plan will revert to the free plan. What happens if I don't use all the visitors every month? Unused visitors will be available to use up to 12 months after purchase as long as you have a active subscription. Maximum stacking is double the account limit. So if you have 300 000 visitors / month you can have maximum 300 000 additionally stacked.
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Included in all plans:

A/B test any website easily

Easily create advanced A/B tests with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor! We are the only A/B testing tool that offers an editor that works on your live website, and not a distorted proxy version. Our editor also supports browsing, login and tests with dynamic content!

Personalize user experience

Change your websites appearence or content with ease depending on weather, time of day, where you visitor is coming from or any other variable that has an impact on how your website should behave! Explore new ways to interact with your visitors!

HTML5 Popups

Create beautiful popups with any content. Make contests, polls, surveys, campaign ads, discount coupons or newsletter signups. The possabilities are endless, and at your fingertips with no coding required!

Statistics / Funnels

Track and A/B test anything you create in SiteGainer! With our one-tail statistics calculation you get fast and accurate statistics that is easy to use to make informed decisions about which variation should be implemented!

Click / Scroll heatmaps

Get unique heatmaps for clicks and scroll behavior for every variation and project you launch! This gives you real insight in the user behavior and backs up the data in your tests!

HTML5 Surveys

Create high converting surveys that makes your visitors want to submit! Collect data, overview with graphs and compare segments to eachother!

+ A team of experts to assist you!

What really sets us appart is our experience. We have sucessfully launched over 2000 A/B tests for clients world wide and we can assist you with test ideas, design, programming, analytics, and personalization!

Always in SiteGainer

Unlimited A/B tests

Create unlimited A/B tests and customizations for any website in our complete webeditor!

Unlimited Websites

Each one of your websites get a unique script for fast loading A/B tests, and you can have unlimited websites

Unlimited Popups / Banners

With our one of a kind A/B test editor for making popups your can make unlimited popups!

Complex personalization

Change your website in minutes without touching your sourcecode, and target the changes to the right audience!

Easy to use interface

Whether you are making a popup, an A/B test or a banner you will feel right at home, everything works the same!

No coding required

With our A/B test website editors there is no requirement to code!

CSS / jQuery separation

Easily create A/B test variations in pure css or jquery for easy implementation!

Fast script technology

With our unique script algorithm we make your A/B test run long before the page is loaded!

Heatmaps for everything

With mousemove and click heatmaps you can directly see how your A/B test or banners are performing!

Retroactive goals

Add your goals at any time, we got your back! Works for all page goals you want to measure!

Content Targeting & Goals

Want to target or measure content not in the url string, but on the site? No problems!

Only one script

One script: Unlimited A/B tests, customizations, banners and popups.