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Popups for increasing conversion rate

Using Surveys is a fantastic way to truly understand your visitors. SiteGainer Surveys is made so that you can get it started in minutes, and start getting results immediately!

Surveys have been around for ages, and for good reason. It’s the only way to collect quantitative feedback directly from people using your products or services.

What’s unique about SiteGainers Surveys is that they appear directly on your website with no link to a different page and they are super easy to use.

This means a lot more people will submit their feedback with less friction.

Since you can easily A/B test different surveys you can always optimize how it should look.

Follow these steps to create a popup:

Build your survey and eventual variations. Use our predefined templates, drag n drop or html code your survey design.

Setup the audience segment. For example visitors with more than 2 sessions.

Run survey. Use the preview mode to make sure that the survey triggers on the right place at the right time based on your settings.

Export results and analyze data. Go to ’form results’ from the dashboard and see the results from your survey in graphs and raw data. You can also measure goals that you have setup for the survey in the analytics part.

Why use SiteGainer Surveys?

  • 8 different questions modules
  • Takes minutes to set up
  • Get quick answers
  • Measurable results
  • Works on all devices
  • A/B test your surveys
  • Run on exit intent
  • High answer rate

What can a popup do?

  • Measure brand awareness
  • Post event satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Net promoter score
  • Marketing
  • Website improvement
  • Market research
  • Research before A/B testing
  • Research before personalization
  • Show based on geography
  • And lots more!
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Statistics / Funnels

Track and A/B test anything you create in SiteGainer! With our one-tail statistics calculation you get fast and accurate statistics that is easy to use to make informed decisions about which variation should be implemented!

+ A team of experts to assist you!

What really sets us appart is our experience. We have sucessfully launched over 2000 A/B tests for clients world wide and we can assist you with test ideas, design, programming, analytics, and personalization!